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Living off AdSense income?

One thing you should know: I am not earning $100,000 per year from AdSense. But I do have a plan that I am sticking to so I WILL be. Here are my ideas, and here is my plan.

This page is under construction, and will be added to over the next couple of weeks. Check back, read more, learn more, and hopefully earn more too!

1. Squidoo Lenses

See the ads at the top of this page? All the revenue earned on those ads (and the ads on every other Squidoo Lens (over 200,000 pages!) is all put into one big pot. It then gets shared out between all the lensmasters. And the lensmasters are the people who make the lenses (the page you are looking at right now is a lens).

So why not make a lens?!

Just click Make Your Own Page at the top and get started! All you need is a paypal account and you’ll receive your monthly share 🙂

2. Start a Blog

So you’ve made a lens, so you can now easily get visitors to whatever site you like (Squidoo is GREAT at getting you hundreds of free visitors), so you might want to think about starting a blog!

You can have your blog posts feed onto your Squidoo Lens automatically, and have your own AdSense ads displayed on your blog. If you keep bloging consistently (about anything – there’s ALWAYS an audience no matter how obscure) you should get return visitors, new visitors, RSS subscribers, and AdSense Cash 🙂

3. Your own AdSense Search Engine

I have my own search engine.

There it is just below. Go ahead. Search for something. See what happens?

The search page opens in a new window (so the visitor hasn’t left my lens), and the search results displayed have AdSense ads top left (one line ads above ‘Related Results’), there are AdSense ads displayed on the right hand side (the big column), and if you look closely you’ll notice that the first 2 or 3 search results are AdSense ads too! See the AdSense ad block?

Those pages get a very high number of clicks per 100 visitors, and so all I need to do is get people searching on it.

So how do I get people searching on it? By inserting the little search box into my lenses like I have done above.

So I not only get a share of the AdSense ads displayed on all my lenses, I get a share of the sales of any Amazon or eBay sales, but I also get lots of clicks to my own AdSense account too.

4. AdSense Article Websites

An ‘Article Website’ is a website which displays both articles that other people have written, and your AdSense ads.

The search engines help get you visitors to your article website (as will your blog and Squidoo lenses), and the AdSense ads displayed are relevent to the content… so you’ll get some clicks.

5. Get a MySpace Resource Site and Let People Jazz Up Their Profiles

This can actually earn you adsense money. Weird, huh?
Have you seen one of those myspace resource websites? You’re probably thinking right now of the kind of site I’m on about. Where myspace users can get loads of HTML code or flashy graphics for their profile pages.

Well those free resource sites make people a lot of money! Mine is at coolprofile.info See what happens if you click the bear on the left?

So here is how it works:

You get a myspace resource site. You can find one for a few dollars on ebay. You set it up (instructions should be included), and then you use the HTML code provided on your site to add pictures to your myspace profile. You tell your myspace friends about the cool resource site. Some of those people will use it.

And the cool thing is this: every time someone uses your site to put a picture onto their profile page or into a comment, it is automatically linked back to your site!

And what else is on your resource site?

That’s right 🙂

Your AdSense ads!

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