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It is not a magic science in Pakistan to earn money online because now you just have an internet connection and computer to work online. There are various methods and techniques in Pakistan to make money online and it requires only your passion and courage. There are many companies on internet which are scam and fraud but you should not hurry to make money fast but you should have patience to let the results of your work come out. People in Pakistan are making money by many methods but there are some popular and real methods by which people can earn after doing some work.

Blogging is also a major tool of making money online in Pakistan. You don’t need to buy domain for website but just have to start your free blog at blogger. You should select the topic of blog which you like and you can write about it like you like fashion designing and you have some good knowledge about fashion designing then you have to write some quality posts about the fashion designing. There are many affiliate programs including Google AdSense which pay you for each unique visitor visit your blog and clicks on the advertisement pasted by affiliate program on your blog.
Content Writing
People can earn in Pakistan by writing articles for different websites and blog which pay you as writer. You can also article for freelancing websites as well as for some article websites. You should have knowledge of English grammar and some writing skills to earn handful money as an article writer. There are many websites which pay for high quality writing including writerbay, articleteller and academiawriting.
Search engine optimization
People can earn online by different websites and blogs by learning some basic techniques and methods of SEO. Search engine optimization is a method in which you learn how to index your web site or blog at the top of search engines. You can earn money as SEO expert by writing for different content websites and for different websites which design and create SEO tools.
You can earn money online in Pakistan by working as freelancer. You just have some basic skills of article writing, web designing, web development and logo designing to work as freelancer. There are many freelancing websites which pay in Pakistan for working as freelancer.odesk, freelancer.pk, guru, elance and many other websites pay you for your skills and quality of work. You just have to hard work and learn category of your expertise to earn as freelancer.
Online Teaching
People in Pakistan also make money by teaching the people about web development, SEO, and some other basic courses online or offline. You just need to prepare an video tutorial for offline users and use Skype for online students.it will give you lot of money in Pakistan because people want to learn skills and courses.
Money Exchange
You can establish your e-money exchange in Pakistan by using blog or website. People in Pakistan want to transfer their electronic money from internet to their bank accounts and you just have to provide them quality services. E.g. you purchase payza or web money balance from some customer and sell to other which wantsit.you will deduct your commission and it is fastest growing online business in Pakistan without any investment.
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