Stock Market Business


Also, this business if not free to start: you will need to invest money in order to do this business. If you are looking for online money making opportunities where no investments are required, then please go here:


Stock markets are the place where we can buy/sell shares of different companies.

Nowadays, we can do this work at home via some online trading simulation software.

Using this software, we can buy/sell shares in real-time. Such software shows the live rates of stock market shares.

And in order to earn money from this business, one needs to have some really good experience about stock markets.

If someone wants to be successful in this business the lot of research is required to be done.

Most importantly, this business is as risky as Forex business and a person can lose lot of money at stock markets.

If you are a new comer, then you will have a long way to travel. Stock market business is not an easily understandable business. People learn it in years and then some do this business as their full time job.

You will also have to learn lots of things. In the start, I suggest you only monitor the prices of shares and do not invest money until you are 100% sure that your investment is in the right company.

Stock market business can be done during the trading hours of 5 working days a week.

How people gain or lose money in this business?

Let me explain with the help of an example:

Assume that I am doing this business and I decide to invest my money in a company called ABC Farms. The time I buy the shares of this company, the price per share is $10.

Losing Money:

Now, after one month, what if the price of this company decrease to $8 or $7 etc?

In this situation, if I sell these shares, then it will mean that I will have a loss in my investment.

If I bought 100 shares for $1000, then in return from these 100 shares, I will only get $800 [$8 per share] or $700 [$7 per share].

Gaining Money:

For the same investment, what if the price of this company increases to $12 per share?

Now if I sell my 100 shares, I will get $1200.

So for a $1000 investment, I was able to earn $200 [$2 per share].

In stock markets, we can also do future trading. In future trading, things work the opposite way: that is, instead of buying shares, you sell them. For this trade, if the share price goes up, you will lose money and if the price goes down, you gain money via buying the shares for low price.

One other way to make money with this business is to investment your money in a solid company, who is likely to give dividend to its share holders.

What things influence the share prices?

There are many things that can have a direct impact on stock markets. Some factors are:

Political Situation

Economical situation


What skills do you need in order to start this business?

No special degree is need but yes, you will have to learn a lot about stock market business. For new comers, it is suggested that they first monitor the stock markets and try to learn about the factors that influence share prices.

People lose lot of money in this business so you need to be very careful. If you do not want to take any risks then my suggestion is to not do this work: go here to find some less risky business:

When you will monitor stock markets and when you will keep yourself up to date with everything that is happening around you: like the political scenario in the country and other things: then you will be able to learn lot of things about stock markets.

Extreme patience is need for this business:

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